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KTM heat press machine


8-1 Heat Press Machine

K8 heat press machine

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The machine has 8 moulds for:

1- mould 1: flat 30*38 cm mould to print t-shirt, pillow & any flat materials.

2- mould 2: head caps.

3- mould 3: plate moulds, two different sizes.

4- mould 4: 4 different shapes & moulds for mugs.

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The machine has 8 moulds for:

1- mould 1: flat 29*38 cm mould to print t-shirt, pillow & any flat materials.

2- mould 2: head caps.

3- mould 3: plate moulds, two different sizes.

4- mould 4: 4 different shapes & moulds for mugs.



Digital integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, combined control of temperature and time.
Small size, light weight and fashionable appearance.
Digital LCD board, easy to read and control accurately.
Soft keys are easy to touch and control, which makes it more convenient for adjustment.
Time setting for intelligent control for the constant temperature.
The hot-resistant silicon rubber can adjust the general pressure, avoiding the distortion of objects even when achieve at 430°F(221°C).
Heat preservation to shorten the time for next-time warming up.
The heating board and malfunction board are integrated, which is safer, more durable and balanced when heating.

Product name: T-Shirt Mugs Caps Printing 8 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine.
Model: K8.
Printing size: 29*38 cm.
Voltage: 220/110 V.
Power:1250 W.
Temperature range: 0-399°C.
Time range: 1-600 S.
Weight: 30 kg.
Packing dimension: 47*50*53 cm.
Made in China.


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