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Terms and Conditions


Do U provide warranty?

Yes, ofcourse. All machines comes with a warranty.

What doesn’t include the warranty?

Warranty doesn’t include mal-use of the machine or spare parts.

How is technical support provided?

Technical support for teaching and explaining about the machine is done through the support e-mail only.

What is the policy for returns and exchange?

Returns and exchange are within 24 hours of receiving the machine. Shipping fees to be paid to DHL by you prior to shipping back to the warehouse.

I ordered a machine, and I received a machine that doesn’t match the images shown on the website. What shall I do?

The images, colors and shapes of machines are subject to change according to the model of the year, and what is available in stock.

What happens when the machine is shipped or I receive it from one of the branches?

The client receiving the machine from one of our branches or through shipping: means he/she knows the machine is new and/or does not having any defects .

Who is held responsible for any defects during shipping?

We don’t take responsibility for any breakage or defect that occurs to the machine during shipping.

I made a special order, and I decided to cancel. What happens next?

Special machine orders from abroad with special specifications upon client request can’t be returned, exchanged, canceled. The downpayment is not refunded.